3 Types of Searches and How to Target Keyword for them

There is a sales funnel through which a potential customer goes through before they will buy your product or service.

  • Awareness stage
  • Consideration stage
  • Buying stage

Let us check one by one how to optimize for the three types of searches.

Awareness Stage

This is the stage where the searcher does not have definite ideas and mostly, they might have not become aware of the problem and are not actively looking for solutions from the search result pages. In fact, they are still in the process of defining their problem. The keyword targeting used in this stage is mainly Informational like the following keyword terms.

  • what is dual band wifi
  • what does a router look like

The above search shows that people are seeking information and they are trying to get a clear understanding of the issues they are facing. They are not ready in finding the solution neither they are looking in buy mode.

How to target an Informational Search Query?

Targeting informational search queries for monetizing is difficult but instead, you can showcase the relevant content, original and updated, and answer for the query. It is difficult to rank for these queries but still, if you want to rank for any informational search queries then you can do the following-

  • Create a blog post with tips and images
  • Add how-to-videos
  • Write in-depth post
  • Try to include Infographic.

Consideration Stage

This is the stage where the visitors are aware of the issue and actively looking for the solution to their problem. In this stage, they might be searching the list of several products and all the alternatives available in the market. The keyword targeting used in this type of search is navigational and is also called ‘go’ keywords. They are now actually looking for the services they can perform by having reviews and alternative solutions. The following keywords can be included in the navigational search.

  • Facebook
  • Cricket score

Here the visitors are looking for the best source to answer all their problems or issues. The information they get in this stage is more likely to help them in buying decisions later on.

How to Target Navigational Search Query?

Users perform this type of search with the intent to look for the exact detail and all other results can be irrelevant. Brand awareness is key here as users search for brands. The best way to do this is to own the rights for your brands related to navigational queries and optimize them for search.  

Buying Stage

This is the stage where visitors know properly about their problem and a few alternative solutions and they are now ready to buy. The keyword targeting for this type of research is transactional or buyer keywords. The following keyword terms are used in this stage

  • HP Laptops
  • samsung galaxy s22

The phrases contain best, cheapest, buy, top, and for sale are the most used buyer keywords. In other words, they are at the end of the business sales funnel. There are also searches by model numbers like Acer Inspire E 15

How to target transactional search queries?

To target transactional queries, you need to focus on product pages or local SEO strategies. Sponsored results are likely to yield better results than organic as they have a lot of space above the fold to entice the searcher’s click.

Types of Content for the type of search query

  • Informational – Blog Post
  • Transactional – Product Page
  • Navigational – Ranking for these anyway

Let us check this in detail

  1. Content types for informational queries can be following
  1. Facts – the height of Mount Everest. Generally, displays numbers in the featured snippet area.
  2. Processes / procedures – Shows results for step by step by type titles
  3. Detailed information – Long textual results with Image & Videos
  4. Ideas – Mother’s Day gift or living room décor ideas
  5. Tools and calculators – Include results such as word counter, etc.
  6. Opinions – Why wifi router is best

Tip: Blog posts are the best suitable content for this type of query

2. Content types for consideration queries can be following

The web pages ranking for this have a content-rich in numbers, charts and texts, and videos. Key terms can be the following-

  • SAT math practice test
  • Google Pixel 2 review

3.Content types for consideration queries can be following

The web pages ranking for these web pages do not have buying guides as people searching for these kinds of queries are not interested in reading buying guides – they want to look at one or more models and buy one.

  • best vacuum cleaner
  • twin mattress deals
  • mattress outlet

 The Bottom Line

Learning to identify and understand the search intents of the different types of search queries is a crucial part of the keyword research process. It makes your research process more effective, and the results will speak for themselves.

Remember to consult an SEO Specialist when at any point in your keyword research if you need assistance.

Happy keyword researching!