How to create an effective B2C SEO Marketing Strategy?

B2C SEO marketing strategy includes tactics and practices in which a business promotes its products and services to reach organically to individual people. This can be done by creating a comprehensive B2C SEO marketing strategy to sell the products to customers who are using them in their everyday lives.

Objectives of B2C Marketing

  • Building Brand Awareness
  • Improving engagement
  • Driving leads
  • Getting more sales
  • Driving relevant traffic, retaining customers, earning loyalty

Step by Step on building convincing B2C SEO Marketing Strategy

Step 1 – Performing Website Audit

This is the crucial step as it analyses all the gaps to fix them. It also includes on-page SEO suggestions, building proven off-page SEO strategies, fixing errors using technical SEO practices, and search console suggestions. You can always consult me if you are looking to perform a website audit and improve your website performance.

Step 2 – Keyword Research

It is essential to perform keyword research based on intent including informational, transactional, navigational, and commercial. It also includes building content following the marketing funnel and targeting the right content at its different stages. It is important to use the keywords strategically avoiding keyword stuffing and cannibalization.

Step 3 – Create Compelling Content

Once you understand by analyzing the marketing funnel about the intent of buying then comes attracting and converting customers. The best B2C SEO marketing strategies include engaging content and building relationship which then converts the visitors into potential customers. It is always vital to optimize the content using strategically the keywords throughout the content keeping in consideration the keyword proximity and maintaining keyword density. Publishing long-form content of 3000 words generating 3X backlinks.

Step 4- Creating attractive Meta Tags

It is important to create a persuasive meta title and meta description optimizing with the right and strategic usage of keywords. This can be different for local SEO, international SEO, and eCommerce SEO.

Step 5 – Optimizing Images & Speed

Images are vital elements when it comes to enhancing user experience and generating quality traffic to the website. It is important to optimize the image following the proper size and format. Lazy loading images will help to prevent non-essential images and videos from uploading. Some of the tips are allowing browser caching, reducing CSS and javascript, reducing redirects, reduce server response time.

Step 6 – Internal Linking

Contextual Internal linking is crucial when it comes to improving the ranking. It also helps to boost the visibility on the search engine result pages. Add the links from the top-performing landing pages or blog posts.

Step 7 – Include Keyword in URL

 The best practice to build URLs is keeping them clear, and concise and adding focus keyword once refraining from using stop words.

Step 8 – Building Authoritative Backlinks

Using proven techniques such as reaching Influencers, reclamation links, broken link building, and sharing an infographic on highly authoritative websites. Link roundups, earning links by building a relationship, and publishing long-form content.

Step 9 – Reporting

Having a monthly report is essential to know whether SEO strategies are working or require improvement. This includes the data studio report from Google Analytics and Google Search console.  

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