Dentist SEO – How to get more patients with SEO for Dentists?

Looking for more patients to reach you by Google?

Then read why dental SEO is required and how you can benefit from it.

What is Dental SEO?

SEO for dentists is the practice to make your website appear on top by following optimization techniques to attract visitors and convert them into potential customers.

For instance, the potential patient might be searching the term “dentist near me” and may find your site on the top due to SEO efforts and Google ranking.

Why is SEO for Dentists required?

  1. Building trust
  2. Getting relevant traffic
  3. Outperforming competitors
  4. Showcase your expertise
  5. Provide a better user experience

Step by Step SEO for Dentists

Step 1 – Build Consistent NAP

It is important to build accurate citations including NAP+ W information aka Name, address, phone number, and website. Make sure your NAP is the same on the entire web to build a strong local SEO presence. You can also hire local SEO services to build NAP on authoritative business websites and web directories. This helps to appear higher on the search engine result pages. Accurate citations help in improving the credibility of the site.

You can optimize your google my business profile by searching and checking the results for the following and adding consistent information.

Your Brand + zip code

Your brand + city

Here are some of the best practices to follow

  1. Listing on authoritative sites such as Yelp and Foursquare to earn the trust and credibility of local searches.
  2. Targeting highly authoritative web directories or niche-specific directories including location-specific that are frequently indexed by search engines.
  3. Earn online reviews as this decides whether to opt for the dentist or not. Keeping your social profile active, sending the newsletter, and promoting the “review us” CTA button are some of the ways to earn reviews.

Step 2 – Optimize Meta Tags and Content Optimization

Performing on-page search engine optimization helps in improving the visibility of the site. When anyone searches for Dentist online then the Title and description appear first on the SERPs.  Hence it is important to optimize them by appending local keywords and mentioning phone numbers in the meta description. The title is 70 characters that appear in the blue line on SERPs whereas the description is 160 characters about the page and what it is all about. Optimizing the content is strategically using keywords in the entire content avoiding keyword stuffing and cannibalization.

Step 3 – Improve Engagement

Having a great User experience is crucial for visitors to stay on the dentist’s website and browse for dental services. This will also reduce the bounce rate and increase the average time spent on the website. The content on the website should keep the visitors engage and finally take the dental SEO services.

Step 4 – Link Building

Building the authority of the website is crucial to rank higher on the search engine result pages and local searches. Some of the best practices include

  1. Get a mention in a local publication
  2. Building accurate citations using the business listing on the entire web
  3. Promoting the article on an online local publication
  4. Scheduling an interview at the local level
  5. Guest post on high authority website
  6. Broken link building on competitor’s backlink
  7. Submitting Infographic to the high authoritative sites
  8. Outreaching to the Dental Influencer to link top-performing pages

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