Google Spam Update 2022 – Everything you need to know

Google rolled out its spam update to prevent search engine result pages from spam sites. The Google spam update 2022 has a clear motto not to lose the trust of Google search engines by clicking spam results and walking out from there. Having the quality EAT also known as Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trustworthiness is essential because that is included in the Google Quality Raters guidelines. EAT is specifically important for Your Money or your life. This means that if your site is based on medical, legal, or financial then your site will also be considered to take important decisions by searchers. Therefore, if the medical blog post or content is written by a professional or medical practitioner then Google will rank it higher as compared to other websites.

Purpose of the Google Spam update 2022

  • Thin Content

Most of the sites have thin content and that does not mean low word count but it means that sites are not providing much value and do not have clear search intent. The content is created on the surface that will not provide any insights or any call to action. This results in a high bounce rate and low dwell time which results in dropping off the rankings.

  • Low-Quality Meta Tags

There are a lot of sites that are affected due to duplicate titles or highly stuffed with keywords. These are created mainly for search engines and lack a user-friendly experience. Due to this the searchers avoid clicking and that results as if Google displaying spam. To avoid this Google rolled out the spam update 2022 so that it filters out poorly created meta tags and serves the best results to searchers.

  • Keyword Stuffing

It is almost difficult to believe but there are still sites with loads of keywords leading to a loss of interest in reading the content or not enticing clicks due to keyword-stuffed titles. The keywords are used in an excessive manner making the reading experience worst.

  • AI-Generated content

According to a case study, it has been observed that AI-generated content ranking patterns change drastically from day to day as they lack internal links and external links. The best strategy is to modify the content after generating it with AI and before publishing it. Marketers add manually the internal and external links and in fact, they will also modify meta tags. After experimenting, it was found that sites having human intervention are performing well on search engine result pages than the sites written using AI.

Why it is time to change your SEO Strategy?

The aim of the update is not restricted to thin content, low-quality meta tags, and keyword stuffing but it is the biggest impact is due to AI-generated content. It is time to change your SEO strategy if your website rankings are dropping off. Google will not indicate it for any particular reason but it will keep account of any of them like links, content, or other spam forms.