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What is an SEO service?

SEO or search engine optimization is the way of achieving better search engine rankings and massive traffic to generate more business.

SEO Strategies to increase visibility on Search Engines

SEO SWOT Analysis

This is the first step where I will analyze the website to increase its position on the search engine result pages. The affordable SEO services include suggestions to improve the website traffic through the organic medium. I will also research the competitors and identify the opportunities as well as threats concerning to website.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Researching a competitive keyword is one of the big steps in professional SEO services. Selecting the right keywords with quality search volume including long tail keywords to attract potential customers.

Content Suggestions

This includes landing page and blog suggestions to offer them something more valuable than boasting about products or services. Adding blog posts also provides an opportunity to attract massive traffic to the site. I will thoroughly research the topics and trendy keywords for the landing page and blog posts.

On Page, Off page Strategy & Technical SEO

On-page optimization includes strategies to improve the rankings on the search engines by suggesting meta tags and optimizing content and keywords. I have 150 points SEO checklist to analyze the website in detail. I will also follow the off-page strategy including blogger outreach, infographic submission, broken link building, and scraping competitor’s links. Performing activities such as canonicalization, redirects, crawl and index errors, and many more to improve the technical health of the website.

Monitoring Traffic & Ranking

Monitoring and analyzing the website’s ranking and traffic daily to understand the website’s performance. It includes extracting different Google Analytics reports to improve engagement, contribute relevant traffic, and analyze the gaps to by rectifying search console reports. This helps me to evaluate the effectiveness of my SEO strategies and take corrective actions if required.


My reporting is a vital element in the professional SEO service. The reports give you comprehensive details about the SEO functions I have performed and their results. They also empower take feedback from you and discuss the plan of action based on the evolving online marketing trends.

Why SEO is important for your Business?

SEO is a great digital marketing tool. It is made up of numerous elements, and knowing what they are and how they work is key to understanding why SEO is so important. In short, SEO is crucial because it increases visibility, which means massive traffic and more opportunities to convert prospects into potential customers. It also improves brand awareness, builds relationships with prospects, and positions you as an authoritative and trustworthy expert in your field. So, therefore it’s vital to succeed in today’s digital era

Why Choose me as an SEO Specialist?

As an SEO Freelancer, I research and analyze the latest trends and provide the best SEO services online to develop and implement strategies that improve rankings, traffic, and conversions. Inbox me your project details at today!