Real Estate SEO – How to Create Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Are you a realtor or a local brokerage and not getting potential visitors on the site?

Then your website is not optimized to even crawl and get indexed on Google.

Let us understand real estate marketing and performing real estate SEO now!

What is real estate SEO?

Real estate SEO is the way of optimizing the content with real estate key terms so that it lands higher on the search engine result pages. There is no magic of performing the realtor’s SEO but practice to improve your online presence in Google. A real estate SEO expert knows all the strategies to tricks which is divided into three sections- Local SEO, city-based term searches, and optimizing the website for local search terms for realtors.

Step by Step on Creating Real Estate SEO Marketing Strategy

Step 1- Conduct thorough keyword research

It is crucial to pick the right and important keywords for your site. Keyword selection decides the visibility of real estate service pages on a search result that concerns you. My real estate SEO strategy includes the best and most relevant keywords for your website to increase your site’s keyword position rankings.

There is an important statistic from the National Association of Realtors, 44% of all buyers search online for property listings as the first stage of their journey. Most of the searches are local and for this, your site should be optimized for local key terms listed below

*your city + state abr* real estate

*your city* real estate for sale

*your city + state abr* homes for sale

homes for sale in *your city*

homes for sale in *your city + state abr*

*your city* real estate

*your city + state abr* for sale

real estate *your city*

real estate in *your city*

real estate for sale *your city*

all of the above with the state abbreviation

Best real estate SEO keywords for 2022

Homes for sale in “state”

Homes for sale in texas

Step 2 – On Page SEO for Real estate and realtors

The real estate site needs to be audited and optimized with my handy 150 key SEO factors checklist with the right key terms people search for when they are looking for a home to rent or buy.

The meta title should contain the primary keyword and secondary keywords but should not be stuffed with keywords as well. Meta Description should include primary and secondary keywords and should be attractive enough to entice the user clicks and help the queries to land on the real estate website. There is a character limit for meta titles including 50-60 characters and 150-160 characters to get crawled and indexed well on the search engine result pages.

The URL should be short and contain the primary keyword and can be SEO friendly separated by inner pages including the areas and sub-areas Ex- Also, you need to create some landing pages including “home for sales near me” for the local searchers.

The site should be mobile-friendly so that it provides the best appearance no matter what the device is and can be easy for users to perform any action which can contribute to revenue. It is also important to incorporate half of the traffic to the website which is from mobile.   The user experience should be great including compatibility for core web vitals and lightning speed.

Step 3 – Strategic Link Building

It is important to build the credibility of the website in order to rank higher on the search engine result pages. Follow the best SEO practices for earning links

  • Business listing and accurate citations on highly authoritative websites
  • Optimizing Google My business profile
  • Guest Posting
  • Broken Link building
  • Infographic submission
  • Blogger Outreaching
  • Building links with relationships on high authority site

SEO Practices to be avoided on Real Estate Websites

  • Keyword Stuffing

Targeting keywords in the content should maintain the keyword density of 1-2 % is important. Use your keywords wisely in order to serve convincing content to the users. After the updates like Google RankBrain, BERT and other algorithms, Google uses artificial intelligence and displays the content on the Search engine result pages accordingly. Avoid cloaking also which many agents use of inserting invisible keywords.

  • Avoid Link farm and link exchange

Using link farm and link exchange makes your website pages deindexed or drop from the rankings. Use trendy methods to build kinks like weekly roundups, broken link building, infographic submissions, and podcasts. Audio and visual links are marked to be more worthy than creating the links just for the sake have no meaningful results.

  • Duplicate Content

Most real estate SEO agents create duplicate content on different areas and subareas pages changing a few contents like the title and some of the target keywords. Google marks it as duplicate content because each landing page or blog post should have worthy and unique content. An expert SEO specialist will help you to optimize the content along with content suggestions based on competitor analysis.

Looking for a Real Estate SEO Strategy?

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